Part1: Paediatric BBD- Intro and terminology




Introduction and Background introduces concepts used throughout the Paediatric Bladder Bowel Dysfunction (BBD) modules. We begin with range – of children, of development, of pelvic functions/dysfunctions, and of bladder and bowel symptoms. Anatomy and physiology will explore where it is and how it works, familiar to pelvic therapists (Women’s and Men’s Health) but new for those not familiar with the inner workings of pelvic function. We cover the latest standardised terminology and definitions, and introduce the different types of bladder and bowel dysfunction found in paediatric populations.

This course is in video lecture format with downloadable notes for your ease in learning and note taking. Lectures are 2hrs 15min in duration, split into 4 lectures, each is followed by a set of MCQs and True/False Questions for accreditation.



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