Part 1: MSH Sexual Pain Training




This is part one of a three-part My Sexual Health (MSH) Sexual Pain Training series.

In line with international reseach, MSH uses a multidisciplinary team approach for the treatment of Sexual Pain.  This is a training in advanced Sexual Pain Mangemeent from the perspective of the MSH Multidisciplinary Team – all of the inside info and practical advice you need to be able to diagnose and treat even the most complicated patient with sexual pain.  Our main focus is on making the correct diagnosis for the cause of the pain and then on developing an individualised treatment plan each patient.

In part one Introduction to Sexual Pain and History Taking is discussed.

This course is compulsory for any healthcare provider who wants to join the MSH multidisciplinary team officially and available for other healthcare providers with a special interest in Sexual Health.

Presented by The Clinical Head of My Sexual Health:
Dr Elna Rudolph



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