Part 1: Introduction to the Hypertonic Pelvic Floor-3CEU’s




High-tone or hypertonic pelvic floor muscles affect is part of a range of pelvic floor dysfunctions and can affect both women and men. Patients can experience pelvic floor myofascial pain, as well as bladder and bowel symptoms. In this lecture we will discuss why and how hypertonic pelvic floor muscles contribute to these symptoms and give attendees a better understanding of the anatomy, physiology and function / dysfunction of an overactive pelvic floor.

This lecture will cover the following:

  • A short revision of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • An overview of the hypertonic pelvic floor and the type of symptoms a patient might experience
  • Myofascial link to PFD
  • An overview of CPP and sexual dysfunction

This is the first in a three part course on the hypertonic pelvic floor. Assessment and treatment will follow to complete the series.


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