Part 1: Female Urinary Incontinence-Assessment




Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing yet common problem in the female population. It can affect women through all stages of life and of all ages. This course will outline how the pelvic floor muscles contribute to female urinary incontinence and it will introduce attendees to the physiotherapy assessment.

The lecture will cover the following:

  • The different classifications of UI
  • An overview of the subjective assessment for female UI
  • Other objective tests used in female UI
  • An overview of the objective assessment for female UI
  • The use of EMG and Ultrasound in the assessment of female UI

This is the first in a two part course on the female urinary incontinence. It includes downloadable course notes, 1.5hrs video presentation and a set of MCQ’s for accreditation.

Management and treatment will follow in a subsequent course to complete the series.


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