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Lorraine Mann

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Lorraine Mann’s (B. A. Social Work Honours, Wits; Social Work Clinical Masters U.C.T.) career spans three decades, encompassing senior management, lecturing at tertiary level, running government tenders for social auxiliary work training, quality assurance and content specialist, trauma, individual, group and community work. She has run both spiritual groups with the elderly and midlife groups. Her Masters research undertaken at Groote Schuur Reproductive Unit focused on In Vitro Fertilization.
She published her first book titled “Pelvic Floor Dialogue: Illness, Metaphor and Healing” in 2017.  In it she explores her personal journey with pelvic floor syndrome over a ten-year period, which served as the catalyst for her becoming an author. Her current writings explore the role of chronicity in the lives of patients and the impact that chronic contexts have on both patients and professionals. She has developed a deep interest in the healing role that patient narrative plays in healing.

Her worldview of illness resonates with that of Deepak Chopra who holds that to live without love, compassion, or any other spiritual value creates a state of such severe imbalance that every cell yearns to correct it. Ultimately, that is what lies behind the onset of disease; the body is sending a message that something is lacking in the present − an imbalance somewhere – has given rise to highly visible, arguable, physical symptoms.  It is through narrative that individuals are able to find a voice for unexpressed suffering and an opportunity to review and rewrite their personal narratives.



Clinical Social Worker, Author