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Corina Avni

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M.Physiotherapy; Physiotherapy in Women’s Health; B.Sc.Physiotherapy

Corina has a special interest in pelvic function; including male, female and paediatric pelvic health. As pelvic function is such a varied field, super-special interests include i. chronic pelvic pain with multiple co-morbidity; ii. involuntary pelvic floor muscle activity during gait and weightbearing; and iii. pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain.
She completed her undergrad at UCT in Cape Town, before joining the brain drain to the UK, where she acquired a range of pelvic skills including a Women’s Health accreditation from Bradford. Corina loves asking questions, resulting in a Masters by thesis at Stellenbosch University “Pelvic floor muscle function during gait”. She is pursuing her next degree.
Ms. Avni lectures nationally and internationally for a variety of course providers, including private providers and a number of special interest groups (SIGs), mostly the Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group (WHPG) and Pain Management Physiotherapy Group (PMPG). She has presented at a number of conferences and associated workshops, including International Urogynae Association and South African Urogynae Association (IUGA and SAUGA), International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS), South African Sexual Health Association (SASHA), World Congress Physiotherapy (WCPT), PainSA, and a recent annual Namibian Medical Congress. She has lectured to both undergrads and postgraduates, across a variety of medical disciplines. She has written chapters for books on pelvic function, and has even appeared on TV, discussing pelvic function on Medical Matters! She was part of the original committee who developed the postgraduate course in pelvic floor dysfunction / women’s health that is still presented, and is privileged to have lectured on similar content in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Negotiations to lecture in Singapore are ongoing.
Corina has been in clinical practice since 2001, and has rooms at Kingsbury Lifehealthcare in Claremont, Cape Town. She is fortunate enough to represent pelvic physiotherapy on two multidisciplinary teams; i. Kingsbury Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Unit and ii. Cape Pelvic Pain Clinic.
Corina remains passionate about education and pelvic health. A background in drama adds to her enjoyment on the learning/lecturing process.

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