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An increasingly more prevalent condition with a significant physical and psycho-social burden on children and families.

Bladder and bowel dysfunction (BBD) describes a spectrum of lower urinary symptoms (LUTS) accompanied by faecal elimination issues that manifest primarily by constipation and/or encopressis. This is an all too common childhood complaint and contributes to up to 40% of pediatric urology consults. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to avoid secondary co-morbidities but also to avoid adverse effects on the child’s psychosocial well being.

This 2017 article by Dos Santos et al discusses clinical presentation, diagnostic approach and indications for behavioural, pharmacological and surgical treatment of BBD in children based on thorough literature review. Its goal is to provide recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of BBD in children.



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  1. Great Article!


    Really informative and helpful

  2. Great article


    Very informative

  3. Review article: Bladder and bowel dysfunction in children


    Thank you. Very interesting

  4. 5

    Very informative and a good article

  5. Review Article: Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Children


    The article was fine, but the questions were laughable and could be answered without having read the article.

  6. A very good summary


    Very helpful and a great review of current practices with some good guidelines!

  7. 4

    Very interesting to read about treatment modalities related to bladder and bowel dysfunction. Definitely tools used and strategies employed that would be in treating patients complaining of these symptoms

  8. Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Children


    Very good and informative read!!

  9. Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in children


    Very informative article and statistics.

  10. Review


    Very informative and interesting. With incidence of BBD so high it would seem development of dedicated children pelvic health care providers from the MDT is really imporant. Clinically pediatricians/urologists seem quite quick to prescribe medication and under utilize urotherapy. This could be due to pressure from parents for a ‘quick’ solution.


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