Diastasis recti abdominis is a separation of the rectus abdominal muscles at the linea alba and is a common condition in the postnatal population.

Physiotherapists regularly address DRA when patients present with low back pain (LBP), pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, and urinary incontinence.

If you want to find out more about the latest research and how to assess and treat DRA, this online course will provide some answers to help you improve your hands-on assessments and practical skills.

We will do a revision on anatomy and the clinical features of DRA as well as management strategies with a specific focus on physiotherapy assessment and treatment options backed up by the latest research on the topic.

This course is a 5.5hr online lecture course with online exam of MCQ’s and True/False questions.

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  1. Excellent teaching of the DRA


    Information packed course which was extremely informative and well presented. Very inspiring and motivating to treat these patients.

  2. Comprehensive course.


    An extremely comprehensive review of the anatomy and function of the musculature, thank you. I enjoyed the revision. The literature review and overview of research was very detailed and informative but perhaps the studies could be abbreviated to title and findings. The inclusion of the links to videos and website very helpful but a lot more time will be needed to go through it all so for this reason more CEUs could be allocated to this detailed course. A fantastic effort, thanks Hester.

  3. DRA


    Many thanks
    Interesting info for a non pelvic health physio.

  4. 4

    A lot of information well presented. Pity there was no “gold standard” produced ,but there was a lot for a physio to have a well informed dicussion with the Patients we see in the Maternity Wards and to encourage further treatment poet discharge.

  5. Good course content and information
    Easy to access


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